Why You Should Nurture Your Child's Love of Collecting parent and child's hands

Why You Should Nurture Your Child’s Love of Collecting

What child hasn’t picked up stones, seashells, or other found objects and started a collection? Collecting stuff is a natural part of a child’s interest in the world around her. What may look like an assortment of useless junk to us shines like a stockpile of golden treasure in a child’s eyes!Common driveway stonesThough the items she seeks may have no monetary value, fostering your child’s pursuit of those precious items can indeed bring very real returns. Here are several reasons to encourage your child in the hobby of collecting.

Setting Goals: Starting a collection is a fun way to begin learning to set goals, which many experts agree is a key ingredient to success in life. Continue reading “Why You Should Nurture Your Child’s Love of Collecting”