Warm and Wonderful Vintage Hall China Teapots

There aren’t many things more soothing than a hot cup of tea on a cold winter day! Maybe that’s why those sturdy and beautiful vintage teapots by Hall China have become my latest obsession. They were made in so many different shapes and colors, it seems there is one to suit every mood. From the simple, like this black and gold New York style,

Black and gold no back
Hall New York Teapot

to a more complex design such as this Cobalt Blue Airflow shape, a teapot made by Hall China can set the tone for entertaining friends or for a quiet evening at home.

Cobalt airflow no back
Hall Airflow Teapot






Fascinated by the shapes, I have become engrossed in learning about the history of these distinctive teapots. Each time I discover one I haven’t seen before, I am sure that Hall China Company must have made an infinite number of pots in every size, shape, and color! In fact, Lois Lehner’s Complete Book of American Kitchen and Dinnerwares quotes one of Hall China Company’s 1923 ads: “Forty-eight different teapots, no two alike.” Continue reading “Warm and Wonderful Vintage Hall China Teapots”